Mike Galazka Service Centre



We offer many quality tire brands and services for cars, SUV’s and trucks. What kind of tires do you like? What is your tire budget? How can we help you?

Tire Services:

•Tire Replacement

•Wheel Balance

•Tire Rotation

•Tire Repair

Wheel Balance – A balanced wheel has equal weight and shape throughout, making it completely concentric. A balanced wheel does not vibrate. Wheel balancing is a procedure that ensures that weight of the wheel is distributed evenly to improve performance and wear.

Tire Rotation – Tire rotations can be beneficial in several ways. Tire rotation is the process of moving automotive wheels and tires from one position on the vehicle, to another, to ensure even tire wear, best fuel economy and the longevity of your purchase.

Tire Repair - Visit us for flat tire repair, replacement and any other tire services you may need.

From off road vehicle tires to everyday passenger automobile tire applications, we are here for all your automotive tire needs.